Do you like Gary Shteyngart? Who doesn’t? He’s hilarious. Devastatingly handsome. Almost always impeccably dressed. And he’s BFFs with James Franco.

OK, sure, he’s also a pessimist, but a lovable one, as you’ll find out if you read the interview I did with him for The Rumpus:

This generation is fucked. We can’t keep up with the technology we’ve created, and it’s like we were invaded by a barbarian horde and we don’t know what to do. Sometimes I think that the iPhone and everything else that is now a major part of my life is a punishment that I’ve inflicted on myself for sins that I can’t quantify. This is maybe—I don’t know—going back to Hebrew school, but since the iPhone came out, my life has gotten progressively worse. I land on a plane and I get nervous if my iPhone—my äppärät—can’t connect. It’s like I’m running a Fortune 500 company. I’m supposed to be a fucking writer, working in solitude, right?

PS. Hey, even “George Clooney” likes it.